Saturday, May 30, 2009


Word play ?
Thought process?
For having lived a good life, can I have a little leeway in the next?
can I be a little bad? can I sin a little in my next? can I draw an advance and start now?
howboutit, theres no line drawn between good and bad, theres a grey zone. Ma, I wanna be a little bad. Ok look at the bright side of being bad. You get great benefits.
free meals (for variety select different crowded eatery each day)
free travel
no struggling thro school( cheat sheets are godsend)
sell dirt for money
So many cheat here and there.....why not? and why feel guilty about it
Ok lets give this grey zone a name....little good and little bad....GAD !
Will the real gad people stand up.
and who will judge who is good,bad or gad...
hookers hook sharing sacred acreage with prophets of good professing over the tannoy
I weep copious about competition and yet make a killing on the deal....boy am glad to be gad !
I survive and head to the next meeting with a gad feeling.
And as for you Mrs. Robinson , you are one of us ! (apologies to Simon and Garfunkel)